1. See Prohibited Items before creating a vendor account.
  2. See our FYI for more information and help
  3. Your username cannot contain special characters. Only letters, numbers, and _ may be present.
  4. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one letter, one number and one of !@#$%.
  5. If you register as a buyer, you can not sell product via the same account. Likewise, if you register as a vendor you will not be able to buy product with the same account. This is for your protection. Vendors should never be doxxable!
  6. Provide a PGP public key for your buyers! Buyers, you should upload one too in case the vendor needs to communicate sensitive information to you.
  7. The vendor bond is $175 USD. You will need to pay the bond upon creating your account before navigating the main site.

Create Account


Becoming a Vendor

Our vendor bond is currently $175 USD and is payable upon creation of your account. A vendor bond will enable you to create escrow contracts or list ads on Sourcery. As mentioned above, you will not be able to purchase product with a vendor account. This is for your protection.

Loyalty Programs

We offer various loyalty programs for both vendors and buyers. We have a referral program which will enable you to earn money anytime a referred member does business here. There is no limit as to the number of people you invite. Also, we offer a loyalty program that enables you to earn reduction of escrow fees. You can cut your escrow fees in half simply by using our market! See our Loyalty Program for more details.

Buying and Selling

A note for both buyers and sellers, the entire deal/agreement must be spelled out here! Any promises made elsewhere won't be considered if a dispute should arise. All agreements and terms need to be spelled out in the agreement here. Also, communication pertaining to the deal should be conducted on Sourcery as well. We cannot use emails or PMs outside of Sourcery as things to consider if a dispute arises. We will only look at communication done on Sourcery and on the original agreement spelled out here!